Aluminium joinery

aluminium joinery system

Stolarka aluminiowa

With thermal separator (warm profile)

We offer the three-chamber system for the construction of external doors, windows and all sorts of shop windows.
The special thermal insert applied in profiles, 24mm wide, is made of polyamide enriched with multi-directional oriented fibreglass, substantially increasing mechanical durability of joints which are most exposed to multi-axis stresses.
Thermal insert was additionally equipped with the sealing wire, which creates a reliable vapour barrier and an excellent sealing layer during the curing of powder-painted profiles. We offer door profiles with heat transfer coefficient UR=2,2÷2,3 W/m2K, classifying them in the materials group 2.1 as per DIN 4108. Due to the width of profiles- 65 mm, the thickness of wall 1,7÷2,0mm and very high quality of pressed and glued joint, we offer stiff, stable profiles providing door construction with maximum overall dimensions of leaf (the biggest ones tested by ITB):

  • width- 1300 mm at the maximum height 2200 mm,
  • width- 1200mm at the maximum height 2400mm.

The advantage of our windows is the possibility of proper selection of window dimensions (several types of window frames and sashes) and the selection of the sash depending on the hardware, as there are sashes designed for typical aluminium hardware, in accordance with EURO standard, and hardware for PCV windows.

Panel fixing system from 15 to 51 mm (glazing from the outside), branded hardware and wide selection of thresholds makes it a modern and universal system.


Stolarka aluminiowa

Without thermal separator (cold profile)

The system offered by us is designed for the construction of internal barriers, not only these without opening parts, but also with windows and doors. Profile width 51 mm (6mm more than the standard available on the market) provides lots of freedom to the designers and convenience to the contractors. A huge advantage is the possibility of application of fixing from 3 to 38 mm.
It is possible to design sliding, swing door, connect walls at any angle and reinforce the existing walls as well as other mounted elements. The subsystem applied by us, which is a kind of supplement, is excellent for arranging office space- an empty frame which can hold varnished boards.  Inner roller shutters may also be used.