PAneltech Pir soft insulation panels


Termoizolacyjne płyty warstwowe poliizocyjanurowe PIR SOFT

Insulation panels PW PIR SOFT are made of rigid polyurethane foam PIR in metalized elastic foil facings.

Insulation of flat roofs, shed roofs, terraces and floors.

Product advantages:

  • Very low thermal conductivity value λ=0,023 W/m×K,
  • Low apparent density – ab. 30kg/m³,
  • European reaction to fire class “E”,
  • Minimum 120 kPa stressing load by 10% relative deformation,
  • High dimensional stability In changeable conditions,
  • Fast and easy installation,
  • Resistance to mould and rodents,
  • Scope of application temperature from -50°C do 120°C.


Technical parameters:

  • Core marerial: rigid PIR foam, density of minimum 30[kg/m³]
  • Elastic facings types:
    • Kraft paper covered with aluminium, type PW PIR SOFT-AL,
    • Composite foil, type PW PIR SOFT-FL,
  • Edges: with or without milling (streight)
  • Width: 1200[mm]
  • Lengths: 2400[mm] (standard, option: 3000, 4000 [mm], and others on request)
  • Thickness: 60, 80, 100, 120[mm]



Technical data

Panel characteristics Panel thickness [mm]
60 80 100 120
Thermal resistance R [m²K/W] 2,60 3,45 4,35 5,20
Reaction to fire E
Thermal conductivity [W/mK] 0,023
Compressive strength (10% strain)  [kPa] 120
Apparent density [kg/m³] ≥30
Certification Product meets requirements of norm PN-EN 13165