PAneltech Pir soft insulation panels


Termoizolacyjne płyty warstwowe poliizocyjanurowe PIR SOFT

Paneltech PIR SOFT insulation panels are a modern building material made
of rigid polyurethane foam PIR in metallized elastic foil facings.

They can be used as an insulation of both flat roofs, and shed roofs. The panels are also an excellent material for use as an insulation of ceilings, floors and three-layered walls..

Product advantages:

  • Very low thermal conductivity value – λD= 0,023 W/mK, which makes it possible to use thinner insulation layer,
  • Apparent density 32 kg/m3 ± 5% – the structure of material with such low density ensures higher ageing resistance of the foam to changeable weather conditions,
  • European reaction to fire class “E”, which proves its self-extinguishing properties,
  • Compressive strength of min. 120 kPa, allowing for its use at a service load of 3,6t/m2,
  • Easy and fast installation,
  • Resistance to fungi and mold thanks to a closed-cell material structure with gas-tight facings,
  • No biologic enemies – rodents do not penetrate rigid foam PIR, which ensures a long-year durability of the material without having to replace it,
  • Scope of application temperature from -50°C to 120°C.



At present, investors more and more often opt for energy-efficient construction. To make a newly built facility meet strict thermal requirements, products providing the lowest possible energy consumption are used for its construction. The key to achieve a high thermal comfort at low heating costs, and thus reduction of CO2 emissions, is to use Paneltech PIR SOFT insulation panels.

They help to build a facility which is provided with an excellent thermal insulation and protected against loss of heat. With use of PIR SOFT insulation panels it is possible to achieve the same insulating power with a lower thickness compared to mineral wool or expanded polystyrene foam, which proves that Paneltech PIR SOFT insulation panels are the most efficient out of all commercially available insulating materials.


Technical data

Parameter Value
Thickness [mm] 60 80 100 120
Type of milling 2F – side edges milled
4F – all edges milled
Coverage width [mm] 1185
Coverage length [mm] 2400 (PIR SOFT 2F) or 2385 (PIR SOFT 4F)
Coverage area [m2] 2.84 (PIR SOFT 2F) or 2.83 (PIR SOFT 4F)
Thermal resistance R [m2K/W] 2,60 3,45 4,35 5,20
Reaction to fire class E
Thermal conductivity [W/mK] 0,023
Compressive strength (10% strain) [kPa] 120
Apparent density [kg/m3] 32 ± 5%
Certification Product meets requirements of EN 13165
Core Rigid polyurethane foam PIR with a density of 32kg/m3± 5%
Elastic facings types AL – paper covered with aluminium
FL – composite foil