PCV joinery

PCV joinery

The system for 6 plus with semi-faced or non-faced widows sashed

  • six-chamber system of profiles,
  • installation depth 70 mm,
  • removable EPDM gaskets, black or grey,
  • external thermal insulation composite with heat absorption K= 1.0 Wm&sup2K, possibility to apply two-chamber set 36 mm with absorption index K=0.7 Wm2K,
  • glazing beads, rounded for the two-glazed set, 24 mm wide with black and grey gasket, for the three-glazed set 36 mm only with black gasket,
  • filling of hardware notch,
  • closed reinforcement in the frame.

When ordering “windows for 6 plus”, in the basic price you have the option to select:

  • straight or round profile,
  • black or grey gasket.

Moreover, every window can be finished in any colour and can be equipped with:

  • two-chamber, triple-glazed set,
  • triple-glazed set with TPS “warm frame” chameleon, which turns into the profile colour,
  • security strikers,
  • hidden hinges,
  • various types of handles.
Stolarka PCV Stolarka PCV Stolarka PCV Stolarka PCV Stolarka PCV
round sash straight sash frame +
straight sash
frame +
round sash
frame +
sash set


Veneer colours

Okleina - złoty dąb Okleina - orzech Okleina - mahoń Okleina - dąb bagienny
golden oak walnut mahogany swamp oak
Okleina - antracyt Okleina - szry Okleina - brąz czekoladowy
anthracite grey chocolate brown

It is possible to paint profiles on one or both sides in any RAL colour- section painting allows for the adjustment of PCV joinery to aluminium or even most fanciful arrangements.

*The colours shown are for illustration only and cannot be regarded as reference standards.