Elevation cassettes


The offered system of elevation cassettes is a modern form of facade finishing of new facilities and thermal modernization of the existing facilities. The system has universal architectural form  as well as the pallet of colours providing, together with other technology, a unique visual effect.

The application of highest quality materials for the production process, together with modern machinery stock, secure final products with repeatable parametres maintaining high durability and aesthetics of the facade.

  • Material:
    • galvanized steel thickness 0,75 – 2,00 mm,
    • aluminium steel thickness 1,20 – 3,00 mm,
  • Coating:
    • steel coated with polyester paint minimum. 25 μm,
    • powder painted,
  • Colour – according to RAL palette,
  • UV resistance according to norm PN-EN 10169-2,
  • Cassettes dimansions::
    • width S: 300 – 2850 mm,*
    • height H: 300 – 1350 mm,*
    • depth G: 60 mm,
    • width of the gap between cassettes: up to 20 mm.

* Max. dimensions of the cassettes depends on the material type, thickness of the steel and wind zone.

We produce also corner cassettes and steel flashings.


  • Material: galvanized steel thickness 1,5 mm,
  • Spacing of the supporting profiles: up to 1,00 m,
  • Length of the supporting profiles: up to 3,00 m,
  • thickness of the insulation layer: up to 200mm.



  • Modernity,
  • High quality,
  • Easy installation,
  • Durability,
  • Solid structure,
  • Wide architectural possibilities,
  • Hidden fixings,
  • Wide range of colours,
  • Possibility of create unique elevation.