Aluminium facades

Aluminium facades

Stolarka aluminiowa

The presented system is dedicated to designing and building facades, curtain walls and lightweight roofs, skylights and other spatial structures in residential, industrial and public utility buildings. Load-bearing structure consists of vertical elements (mullions mounted to the building) and horizontal elements (transoms- mounted to the mullions) made of aluminium profiles with open or box section. The width of profiles is 52 mm and the width of the external mounting boards- 51 mm. What is more, mounting boards have rounded edges, providing the effect of lightweight construction and contributing to aesthetic facades with narrow dividing lines. Depending on partitions, external loads and the mode of construction mounting, the system includes the proper number of mullions and transoms with differentiated rigidity.
In case of the necessity to increase the rigidity of mullions, there is the possibility to reinforce them with internal aluminium sections. The connection of transom with mullion and holes made in the pressure bars and masking bars provides proper wall dehydration and ventilation. The system of mullion mounting to the ceiling as well as between the ceilings allows for the execution of proper vertical expansion preventing the additional thermal stress.

Making broken walls in horizontal and vertical cross-section is possible through the use of special profiles and appropriately shaped overlay pressure bars and masking.  It allows to shape the mass of the building freely.  Curtain walls can be available in two colours (that is different colour inside and outside the facade) with the application of powder painting technology.  Pain coat (powder painting). Polyester pain coat are available in all RAL colours. Powder painting is carried out in the technology conforming with European standards, confirmed with Qualicoat marking, ensuring long-term highest quality of protection for aluminium profiles surfaces.

The curtain wall should be made according to the design for every individual facility. This project should include the requirements stemming from the function, location and geometry of the building and should meet the valid & binding standards and regulations.


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