Stolarka aluminiowa

Window-door system with increased thermal insulation

  • three-chamber system
  • window system: depth of the window frame: 75 mm, sash 84 mm
  • door system- levelled profiles- depth 65mm; non-levelled profiles -75/84 mm
  • available filling (thickness): 14-61 mm
  • complex under window profiles, with systemic aluminium window-sills  (stoppers, no visible drain holes)
  • window sashes with PCV Euro-groove or aluminium (available hardware: fappim, roto, master, sobinco) and other
  • design of “soft” sashes (rounded) and with  well-defined rectangular shape



  • all types of windows and external shop windows
  • tilt&turn, tilt, turn, tilt & slide windows
  • doors opening inwards, based on the modified window sash
  • pivot windows, horizontal

Three-chamber window system with thermal insulation, with concealed window sash- from the outside only the window frame is visible. Depth of the frame 65mm, sash 74 mm. Glazing: 22 mm. Structures for tilt&turn, tilt, turn windows and permanent shop windows.