Sliding coldroom and freezer DOORS- DPS


Drzwi przesuwne do komór chłodniczych lub mroźniczych

Sliding doors applied in coldrooms within the temperature range from -25°C to +50°C.

The structure of the door ensures its strength, durability and  high insulation properties thanks to polyurethane foam core (PUR).
Doors are outstandingly suitable for restaurants, food stores and markets and food processing facilities, e.g. in meat, poultry, milk, fish processing facilities, confectioners and bakeries- in every place, where exceptional hygiene, thermal insulation and durability is required.


Door leaf:

  • Made of sandwich panel with polyisocyanurate PIR core in the frame of steel channel section
    • made of galvanized steel sheet 1.5 mm, coated with polyester paint in white (RAL 9010;
    • acid-proof stainless sheet, type 1.4301; 1.5mm thick;
  •  Available thicknesses:
    • 60mm/80mm – coldroom doors;
    • 100mm/120mm – freezer doors;
  • Equipped with FERMOD gasket;
  • Standard finish of door coating: galvanized steel sheet 0.4mm-0.6mm thick, coated with polyester paint in white (RAL 9010). The sheet is covered with organic protective coatings, resistant to corrosion.


Overlay Frame (not decreasing the door opening):

  • Standard finish of frame:
    • frame filled with polyurethane foam;
    • acid-proof stainless sheet, type 1.4301; 1.5mm thick;
    • galvanized steel sheet 1.5 mm thick, coated with polyester paint in white (RAL 9010);
  • Additionally, freezer door frame and threshold are equipped in heating system (heating cable, 230V, 40W/rm).



  • FERMOD lock is equipped with patent insert, with possibility of emergency opening from the inside, even if the door is locked (safe lock).



  • FERMOD suspension system, aluminium rail- lightweight type;
  • FERMOD suspension system, galvanized steel rail- heavyweight type.



  • Doors in colour other than white (RAL 9010);
  • Availability to produce door with and without a threshold (lower element is installed in the floor);
  • Execution of acid-proof stainless steel rail, type 1.4301
  • Door adjusted to top railway system;
  • Application of FERMOD opening automation;
  • Glazings:
    • PVC round window of Ø300mm;
    • stainless round window of  Ø280mm;
    • window in a different shape and dimension (special enquiry);
    • execution of opening for an individual glazing.


Example of inquiry/order:

type of doors type of finish type of material ACCESSORIES thickness of door leaf [mm] opening direction

Sliding doors

S – standard L – polyester F – FERMOD 60, 80 – coldroom doors
100, 120 – FREEZER DOORS
K – PREMIUM L – polyester
N – stainless
F – FERMOD 60, 80 – coldroom doors
100, 120 – FREEZER DOORS



DPS-L 60 – standard coldroom sliding door, door leaf thickness  60mm, stainless steel finish, FERMOD accessories, direction of opening to the right