Wall panel with hidden joint PW PIR-SU


Wall panel with hidden joint PW PIR-SU

Wall sandwich panel with visible joint PW PIR-SU is used to construct external walls and internal partitions in the single- or multiple-span shell structure.

The link is hidden in a suitably profiled longitudinal edge of the panel, forming a locking mechanism characteristic for this system, creating an aesthetic appearance of the facade. The panels can be installed both vertically and horizontally, however, in the horizontal layout, the system requires additional panel jointing treatment.

In particular PW PIR-SU panels can be applied in:

  • Industrial buildings,
  • Store houses and logistic centres,
  • Commercial buildings and offices,
  • Food industry facilities,
  • Agricultural objects
  • Sport halls.

The panels can be executed both in standard modular width of 1050 mm, and in non-standard sizes: 1000 mm. The lengths of PW PIR-SU panels are from 2000 to 15800 mm and their available thicknesses are: 60, 80, 100, 120  mm. The technical parameters ad properties of the panels are presented in the following table.

Table of technical parameters of the PW PIR-SU panels
thickness [mm] 60 80 100 120
modular width [mm] 1050 (optionally 1000)
length1) [mm] 2000 ÷ 15800
weight2) [kg/m2] 11,10 11,80 12,60 13,40
heat transfer coefficient Uc [W/m2K] 0,42 0,29 0,23 0,19
acoustic insulation Rw [dB] 26
reaction to fire B-s1,d0
wall resistance to external fire3) NRO
wall fire rating 4) NPD EI 15 (o<-i)4)
anti-corrosive protection external C1, C2, C3 (C4 ÷ C5)5) , internal A1 (A2 ÷ A5)5)
organic coatings SP 25, PU, AGRO, FOOD SAFE and other5)
external facing galvanized sheet 0,5 ÷ 0,6 mm6)
internal facing galvanized sheet 0,4 ÷ 0,5 mm6)
available profiles external facing L, ML, MF, MR7), G8), C ; internal facing L, R8), G8)
insulating core rigid foam of 40 kg/m3 in total density and with enclosed PIR (polyisocyanurate) cells
application non-continuous application on external walls and as wall cladding, on the structural parts of walls and ceilings
wall application layout vertical or horizontal

1) length depends on the color of the external facing and the thickness of the panel
2) average weight of a sandwich panel with 0.5 mm outer facing, including product tolerance
3) fire rating concerning the propagation of fire by the wall when the fire acts towards the outside.
This property applies to the Polish territory only and is not CE-marked.
4) for more details on the General Terms of Sale and Delivery, go to
5) organic coat selected on the basis of durability and application conditions. Coat selection is carried out through
environmental assessment and basing on an environmental questionnaire completed by the Client, approved
by the steel manufacturer and Paneltech
6) other steel types are selected according to application conditions and approved by Paneltech
7) detailed information on the MR – microgroove facing type will be provided at individual request
8) panels with G – smooth or R – groove facing may include micro-waving, which can affect the aesthetic appeal
of the product which is classified as fully compliant with EN 14509, annex D

Available facing profiles

MF – microwave (external)

ML -microlinear (external)

G – smooth (internal/external)

MR – microgroove (external)

R – groove (internal)

L – linear (internal/external)

C – Carbon (external)